Arcade In Pigeon Forge Is Family Business

FACE Amusement's many attractions, including 2017's best arcade in Pigeon Forge, offer all kinds of family fun for the ages. Check out one of their unique gaming or racing adventures on your next Pigeon Forge outing.

best arcade in pigeon forge

The Beginning

In 1978, Clarence Mabe was a school teacher and basketball coach at Daniel Boone High School in Gray, TN. Clarence purchased Space Invaders and installed it in a friends convenience store after observing his students' fascination with this new technology. Shortly after, he was the third person in the United States to own a crane game. By the end of that year he was buying them in mass quantities. One crane turned to hundreds.

After experiencing this success, Clarence entered the amusement business full time. He purchased used games from closing arcades and brought them back to life in his own way. In 2013, brothers Bucky and Rusty reimagined their father's legacy under the brand FACE Amusement. Focused on providing a high end luxury environment to all guests, everything in a FACE location is truly cutting edge to create the best guest experience.

Not Your Average Arcade

From the moment a guest walks into the door until the time they redeem a prize or exit a coaster, it is clear they are not in an average arcade. FACE Amusement employees are the most crucial element in order to have this customer experience. The culture is built around our front line employees with a mix of reimagined southern hospitality.

Rockin' Raceway
FACE Amusement Group is dedicated to creating happiness and enjoyment for each and every guest, offering all kinds of family fun to bring people together. It’s not just fun, games, rides and prizes that make every FACE Amusement attraction such a satisfying experience. It’s the genuine smiles of our employees having a great time making you feel welcome. Though the prizes are pretty sweet.FACE Amusement Group

Choose Your Fun

FACE owns and operates Big Top Arcade, Rockin' Raceway, Arcade City and 7D Dark Ride Adventure. Each are unique, but all have one thing in common: giving our guests the best experiences. In the summer of 1987, Rockin' Raceway opened its doors in Pigeon Forge. Rockin' Raceway has a fun, unique atmosphere with the jukebox arcade and the go-kart track outside; the fun is limitless.

Best Arcade In Pigeon Forge

A little over 30 years later, in 2013, FACE opened two new arcades in the area: Arcade City at the Island and Big Top Arcade. At Arcade City, everyone is a VIP. With this value in mind, we make sure our guests have an unforgettable experience and enjoy their time while they’re here. Big Top Arcade is where the circus meets gaming fun!

Arcade City

Something For Everyone

In July of 2014, 7D Dark Ride Adventure opened up at the Island, and in 2015 our Gatlinburg location opened. 7D Dark Ride Adventure is a ride you don’t want to miss! Using state of the art technology, 7 different dimensions are combined to make the game come to life!

7D Dark Ride

Even though all of our locations are a little different, there is one thing you can find at each location: kind, welcoming staff that are always willing to help with anything you may need. We strive to create fun experiences for our guests that will keep them coming back for years to come.

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